More Than Just Work

In this new series of articles, I’d like to share some of the books that have stood out for me recently. I’ll use the ‘book review’ format loosely as a springboard into a wider conversation about the world of work—and how to do it better. Each of the books we’ll look at has contributed to


Starting the journey

What’s your mental map of the world? Do you imagine countries as jagged shapes, in pastel colours with printed names? Or do you envisage a panoply of people and landscapes? Do you hear the local music and language,


Analyse This

The way we look at high-performance teams has moved on since Jungian archetypes. How do mindsets affect team performance?According to the man who founded analytical psychology, Carl Jung, we are all endowed at birth with a bias toward one of two basic attitudes—expressed in the well-known idea of the introvert and extrovert. Jung describes the


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